The [Formula] key toggles display of the formula defining the Fourier coefficients \(a_n\) and \(b_n\). The [Sine] and [Cosine] keys select between sine series or cosine series. Within each of these choices, the [All terms], [Odd terms], and [Even terms] keys restrict terms as stated. When possible, values of terms will be preserved under these changes, while the lost terms are set to zero.

Use the sliders at right to select values of these coefficients. Use the [<] and [>] keys for fine adjustments. The sum of the selected terms is shown in yellow, and the new term in the Fourier series is shown in grey while the mousekey is held down.

Use the [Reset] key to reset all coefficients to zero.

Use the keys [A] - [G] to select a "target" function, which is displayed in green.

Select [Distance] to display the Root Mean Square distance between the selected finite Fourier sum and the target function.

© 2001 H. Hohn and H. Miller