A graphing window occupies the upper left portion of the screen. Four checkboxes control the display. If [Show Graph] is selected, the graph of the specified rational function is displayed in yellow. If [Show Vertical Asymptotes] is selected, the vertical asymptotes of this rational function are displayed in green. If [Show Zeros] is selected, the zeros are displayed with a blue dot. If [Show Formula] is selected, the formula for the rational function \(f(x)\) is displayed just below the checkboxes.

The poles and zeros are marked on a number line below the graphing window -- poles with x's, zeros with o's. Clicking with the cursor over the number line grabs the nearest pole or zero, which can then be repositioned by dragging.

Add a pole or a zero (up to a maximum of four of each) by clicking on the appropriate radio button at upper right and then positioning it as desired by clicking on the number line.

To delete a pole or zero, select the action using one of the radio buttons at upper right; then a click on the number line will delete the nearest pole or zero.

Rolling the cursor over the graphing window creates a readout of the \(x,y\) values along with crosshairs (which may be suppressed by depressing the mousekey).

© 2014 H. Miller and H. Petrow