The main window displays a the graph of a function, in cyan, together with the graph of one of its Taylor polynomials, in yellow. The point at which the polynomial is expanded, \(x = a\), can be selected by grabbing the \(a\) slider and this choice can be animated using the [>>] key. During the animation the key changes to [||], and selecting it will stop the animation. At the end of the animation the key changes to [<<], which resets \(a\) to zero.

Rolling the cursor over the graphing window produces crosshairs and a readout of the values of \(x\) and \(y\). Depressing the mousekey suppresses the crosshairs.

Select a function from the popdown menu [v].

Select the degree of the Taylor polynomial using the \(n\) slider.

The [Formulas] toggle displays or hides an expression for the Taylor polynomial.

The [Terms] toggle displays or hides a readout of the terms in the selected Taylor polyomial \(p(x)\).

© 2001 H. Hohn and H. Miller