Select an autonomous system using the pulldown menu at right. Some selections have parameters which can be set by sliders at upper right.

The graphing window at left shows a portion of the selected vector field, and the trajectory (in cyan) through an initial point (marked in red). The motion of the solution along this trajectory can be animated using the [>>] key or using the time slider. The [<<] key resets \(t = -15\).

Rolling the cursor over the graphing window produces a readout of the values of \(x\) and \(y\). With [Set point] selected, depressing the mousekey creates a portion of the trajectory though the red point, which remains when the mousekey is released. With [Drag axes] selected, the vector field can be dragged with a depressed mousekey.

A slider at bottom left controls a zoom feature affecting both the graphing window and the vertical axes of the time series child windows.

© 2009 H. Miller, D. Jerison, and J.-M. Claus