1. In this module…

We will overview the format and structure of the Mathlet modules, then describe the content and objectives of this course followed by an introductory video. Afterwards, we will cover how the exercises work and how to access the Mathlets.

Download Session slides [ PDF, 1.2MB ]
Download Introduction video [ ZIP, 43 MB, 540p ]


2. Overview of Online Module Content

During each Module of Mathlets: An Introduction, you will watch recorded lectures, and have the opportunity to practice with activities and exercises. All of the resources required for this interaction are provided as text, embedded videos, and links within the Module online course pages.

The activities incorporated into our Modules are designed to extend your learning experience. For these activities to be successful, it is very important that each of you complete module activities and exercises. The module content is designed to prepare you for the exercises that will extend our conversation regarding the use of Mathlets in the classroom.

The content for each of the modules will consist of the following:

3. Course Learning Objectives

After completing this short course, the participant will be able to

4. Mathlets Introduction and Course Overview

Photo of Haynes R. Miller I’m Professor Haynes Miller, my team and I developed MIT Mathlets (, which are flexible software tools designed to connect mathematical application and theory, and a pedagogy of use to help students better understand topics in mathematics. 

The collection of Mathlets will be the focus of our discussion regarding the integration of technology into your course content. Mathlets can be embedded into many syllabi, but how they are to be used needs to be carefully evaluated and individually determined based on the specific course context. Mathlets are very easy for students to use, but using them in lecture and designing activities around them takes careful thought and preparation.

This self-paced short course will provide participants with the expertise needed to integrate Mathlets and the pedagogy surrounding them in their own teaching. Participants will examine what Mathlets are and how they can be used in lectures for demonstrations, as part of group exploration and as the basis for homework assignments.

5. Introductory Video

Let us get started! Watch this Introductory Video to introduce you to the course and the Mathlets website. I will also review some important course information regarding the course content and structure.

6. Exercises and Activities

Throughout this course, the module Exercises are designed to give you practice at integrating Mathlets into your own teaching. Please remember that all of the exercises and activities incorporated into this course are designed to extend your learning experience. For these activities to be successful, it is very important that you do them.


Some of the Mathlets require Java to function properly, and others require that Javascript be enabled in your browser. To ensure that you are prepared to begin working with the Mathlets, please navigate to the MIT Mathlets page. Once on the page select one of the Mathlets to run in the browser. If you experience difficulties running the Mathlet, please verify that you have Java enabled and that a current version of Java is installed or that you have Javascript enabled in your browser.

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