BIG NEWS: Projection/Vision-impaired mode

We have now added a [mode] key at the upper left corner of each Mathlet, next to the Help key. Try it out! It changes the color scheme to one more easily used if you are color blind, and that also looks better if you project the image in a classroom.

Improved Help files

The mathematical typesetting of the Help text for all the Mathlets has been improved using the KaTeX library.

Sinusoids for all!

We've just added a new Mathlet, Sinusoids. Any sinusoidal function can be manufactured from the Cosine by simple shifts and stretches.

Music of the planets!

A new Mathlet has just been added to the collection: Hypocycloids!

Seminar talk on the MIT Mathlets

Haynes Miller, joined by Jennifer French, will discuss the MIT Mathlets in the Electronic Mathematics Education Seminar on Tuesday, October 10, at 12:00 Eastern Time. For more detail please go to

Accessibility enhancements!

Accessibility of both the html frame and the MIT Mathlets themselves has been upgraded in accordance with W3C WCAG and WAI-ARIA standards. This feature is enabled by pressing the tab key. Please let us know of bugs or infelicities.

Nyquist Plot now part of another Mathlet

As part of a general cleanup of the Mathlets, we have removed the Nyquist Plot Mathlet. Calls to the old Nyquist Plot Mathlet will be redirected to "Bode and Nyquist Plot," which incorporates all the old Nyquist Plot functionality.

Mathlets in Haitian Kreyòl!

More than half of the MIT Mathlets have been rendered in Haitian Kreyòl! Find them at This translation was done under an NSF grant supporting the MIT-Haiti Initiative.

Video Demos

Check out the Demos (the right-most button in the nav bar). These are video demonstrations of the use of nine of the Mathlets. They mysteriously vanished from the Mathlet site at some point, and we have now resurrected them!

Totally Javascript!

After years of effort, we have now completed the transition to Javascript. You will find this site cleaned up and easier to use, with the Java gone. Please send a comment if you encounter any difficulties with this code.

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