Resource Index

Affine Coordinate Changes
Amplitude and Phase: First Order
Amplitude and Phase: Second Order I
Amplitude and Phase: Second Order II
Amplitude and Phase: Second Order III
Amplitude and Phase: Second Order IV
Amplitude Response: Pole Diagram
Ballistic Trajectory
Beats with Sound
Beta Distribution
Bode and Nyquist Plots
Complex Arithmetic
Complex Exponential
Complex Roots
Confidence Intervals
Conjugate Priors
Convolution: Accumulation
Convolution: Flip and Drag
Coupled Oscillators
Creating the Derivative
Damped Vibrations
Damped Wave Equation
Damping Ratio
Discrete Fourier Transform
Eigenvalue Stability
Euler's Method
Forced Damped Vibration
Forced Damped Vibration: Phasors
Fourier Coefficients
Fourier Coefficients: Complex with Sound
Graph Features
Graphing Rational Functions
Harmonic Frequency Response: Variable Input Frequency
Harmonic Frequency Response: Variable Natural Frequency
Heat Equation
Impulse Response: Natural Frequency
Impulse Response: Spring System
Linear Phase Portraits: Cursor Entry
Linear Phase Portraits: Matrix Entry
Linear Programming
Linear Regression
Linearized Trigonometry
Matrix Vector
Periodic Box
Phase Lines
Poles and Vibrations
Probability Distributions
Riemann Sums
Secant Approximation
Series RLC Circuit
Solution Targets
T Distribution
Tangent Approximation
Taylor Polynomials
Trigonometric Identity
Vector Fields
Wave Equation

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