Please welcome: new Javascript versions!

We now have 36 JavaScript Mathlets on this site. Most of the old Java is still available, but has been joined by Javascript versions. Some other changes: - Football Trajectory has been renamed Ballistic Trajectory. - Waves has been replaced by Wave Equations, which now illustrates Fourier's solution as well as d'Alembert's.

New JavaScript Mathlets

Two new Mathlets have been added, in Javascript: Coupled Oscillators and Graphing Rational Functions. We also have five new Javascript Mathlets forming the new Probability and Statistics category: Beta Distribution, Confidence Intervals, Conjugate Priors, Probability Distributions, and T-Distribution.

Probability and Statistics!

A new category of Mathlets has been added to the collection. These were designed by Jerry Orloff, in connection with the course "Introduction to Probability and Statistics." Look for these Javascript Mathlets under Courses/Probability and Statistics.

Training Video!

An online training course in the use of the MIT Mathlets in class, group work, and homework, was produced in collaboration with the MIT Office of Educational Innovation and Technology and with support from the Education Development Center and U.S. Agency for International Development. You can take it yourself by following the "Training" tab above!

Javascript is here!

The first batch of translations of Mathlets to Javascipt is now available, on this redesigned website. As more are translated they will be added to the site. You can see a complete list of the resources attached to each applet at by clicking on "Resource Index" on the right sidebar. So far, we have Javascript […]

New Videos Added

A number of short videos showing the use of MIT Mathlets have been posted. There is an Introduction, and demonstrations of Amplitude and Phase: Second Order II Convolution: Accumulation Damped Vibrations Eigenvalue Stability (by Chad Lieberman) Euler's Method Fourier Coefficients Isoclines Phase Lines

New calculus Mathlets!

Five brand new Mathlets focusing on concepts from calculus of one variable have just been added to this site: Affine Coordinate Changes, Creating the Derivative, Graph Features, Riemann Sums, and Secant Approximation.

Taylor Polynomials in Aerospace Engineering

I used the Taylor Polynomials in recitation for an undergraduate class in computational methods in aerospace engineering (16.90). The instant graphic demonstration of the concept was essential to conveying the utility of Taylor series approximation to the students. The movie-style functionality was particularly fun for the students. -- Chad Lieberman, February 10, 2010.

Stability in Aero-Astro

As part of an effort to increase student comprehension in 16.90, the Aero-Astro Introduction to Computational Mechanics, Kambourides Fellow Chad Lieberman and Professor Karen Willcox collaborated in the design and refinement of a Mathlet illustrating the eigenvalue analysis of stability of difference schemes. This applet formed the basis for a class on February 22, 2010. […]

TEAL Meets the Mathlets

In the spring of 2007, a collaboration with Dr. Peter Dourmashkin, Senior Lecturer in the MIT Physics Department, resulted in the creation of a new Mathlet, "Series RLC Circuits". By April the applet was ready for use in the TEAL 8.02 classroom. Dourmashkin found that his students, who used the applet, performed some five points […]

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